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Oct 19, 2018 6:00
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AUTO Skysong FFA

Heads Up! You must be on the event map at least 15 minutes before the event starts for your kills to be recorded.

Automated free for all PvP event.


Sharpen your skills in this no-holds-barred PvP event.

It's a free for all - kill everyone! Teaming up, collaborating, or working together is NOT allowed. You will be ranked based on your kills and deaths, with special prizes for first blood and meat shield (the most killed player).

.. And don't forget to have fun :)


Results available as soon as event starts

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Event Prizes
1st Place
100 Jaden
4 Monkey Coin Packs
2nd Place
3 Monkey Coin Packs
3rd Place
2 Monkey Coin Packs
First Blood
1 Monkey Coin Packs
Meat Shield
1 Monkey Coin Packs
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