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General Discussion / Re: Bugged Wildlands quest.
« Last post by BunnyFooFoo on June 26, 2017, 07:34:05 pm »
its been like that for years.. just go to the next quest after it.. wildlands won't be able to be resumed. there is also a quest to meet fazzan in wildlands that also doesn't work. still a good storyline though.
Reserved / Re: Seira & Ambreller
« Last post by DRAGONxNOGARD on June 23, 2017, 03:35:45 pm »
what is a name of a scroll class please? want see his/her gameplay
General Discussion / Re: thrown to the wayside
« Last post by Tcholok on June 22, 2017, 02:39:27 pm »
I hear your frustration. The lack of patches is a combinations of things, but largely it is out of our control. Yes, we have normal jobs and life to attend to, but we don't want this server dying any more than you do. The lack of updates is largely a result of a lack of new files, new tools, and new translations. We are handicapped by when and what new files are released. On top of that, we need to acquire or build tools to allow us to edit those new files (re-adding customs, etc). Finally, we need to build a new client that works with the new files and most importantly is in english. This all takes time, luck, and availability of files and tools. As JD has become less popular, it has been a lot more difficult to find all of these. Bear with us though, we are working right now on a core update and determining the best strategy to release it given what tooling and translations we have available.

My main point is that yes, it sucks, but it's not because we have the ability to deliver these updates and are choosing not to. We want them just as badly as you do, and we're working hard to make that happen.
General Discussion / Re: thrown to the wayside
« Last post by LuXueqi on June 20, 2017, 01:19:53 am »
I didn't mean to just pick on your post specifically, but almost all the posts nowadays are just people asking and asking for more and more things from the staff and also complaining all the time. I do agree that some encouragement from the staff would be nice for people to start promoting the game in youtube or facebook or whatever they want; maybe some form of event might work for this? The game gets free exposure and advertisement and the players have something to do.
As for the GS staff, most of the applicants are (IMHO) not particularly suitable for the job. They are also very inactive as I've seen from my experience on this server. You may see about 1 or 2 official GS world chat messages each day, sometimes each week.
General Discussion / Re: thrown to the wayside
« Last post by nezar2011 on June 19, 2017, 01:45:50 pm »
I do know that the server doesnt pay to modders like before , thats why i said they should start recruiting active and free GMS/GSS who doesnt care about money and only like to spend time in the server making it active again and yes i assure you there are alot of players  would gladly do that ,.

And about the youtube fb thing dude iam not forcing them to do that i just give.some ideas , that is the best my mind came with , for me iam really willing to do that to promot the server but do u think ill do that without the admins knowing or without at least some help ? Instead of criticizing my post try to look for some ideas with me yes you were right.when u said people dont just throw money but the ways i said doesnt require single benny.
And about the updates yes i known that only few ppl will understand.what it is about or care about it but do u deny that hearing from the gms every now and then will keep the game kind of active ?
 Maybe admins should make topic for ideas and for people who wants to offer their help.
General Discussion / Re: thrown to the wayside
« Last post by LuXueqi on June 19, 2017, 10:49:50 am »
The one and only point that you are all missing is: money doesn't grow on trees.
All these people working on MD have other things they must do prior to working on the server; their jobs, social life, hobbies, etc, etc, and as far as I've seen, the staff here don't get paid much (correct me if I am wrong), and hence work is slow since money is needed by everyone.
I understand that the staff are working on whatever they are working on, but posts complaining about inactivity and such will only waste the little resources the staff here have left instead of being used elsewhere more useful.

So please, if all of you like and care for the game so much, why don't you take the initiative and start doing all those things you asked for? Making the forum active requires a community, not necessarily an active moderator; youtube videos also require many posters due to the massive amount of videos made per second to achieve any kind of exposure for the game; giving free stuff WILL NOT bring old players back (like me, idc if I get 999 free flux sigils or not); telling you what devs are doing right now is probably something that only 0.1% of the player base will understand if laymen terms are not used, and if they are, it will sound something like "We are working on stuff" which is about the same thing as what you already know now, so it is not necessary to implement this. Only thing which really is dependent on GM's are events - so maybe recruit lots of GS's to run them instead?
And believe me at least this one thing: this game has not been thrown away. It is someone's business, which required investment. People don't just throw away money.
General Discussion / Re: thrown to the wayside
« Last post by nezar2011 on June 18, 2017, 11:37:58 pm »
i think its a good time to start thinking of getting your players back i mean its the beginning of summer vacation alot of ppl have more free time now , try viewing the server in other forums , youtube , facebook etc , get the GMS , GSS active again and start recruiting new GMS/GSS , make daily pvp/pve events , work on the forum try to make it more active with different topics , give free bananas or lottery a way to get old players playing in other servers back , tell us what developers working at right now and when are they going to finish any new update honestly ,

its been years playing in monkey dynasty are srsly i feel bad to see it that way its not that hard getting the old and new players , but indeed it needs some effort from everybody admins/members .

it would be great if perryl or tcholok tell us what they really think about this.
General Discussion / Re: thrown to the wayside
« Last post by Fucknigga on June 16, 2017, 09:10:41 am »
Lol what was the new update ...but at the Same time it takes time to update and if we get hydran patch..that shit takes a long time to translate so u gotta be patient with them.
General Discussion / thrown to the wayside
« Last post by billyblood on June 16, 2017, 01:08:32 am »
Is there a reason why this game has been thrown away? No new updates in what, 3 or more months? When you guys "promised" updates to keep the game more interesting? The only reason this server is still #1 is because of the people voting on accts bc of the promises given. Now, the update released before this dead period was not even in the slightest what was expected, and I think that really hurts the integrity of the owners of this game. Just my opinon, feel free to leave yours.
Reserved / Ambrella Class or Officially known as Gevrin
« Last post by Kentauros on June 08, 2017, 08:30:56 am »
Jade Dynasty has an update currently for the 'Umbrella class'. Maintenance is ongoing for some (me, T_T) 90% though. The class  is called Gevrin.

The maintenance wasn't announced.

Some have entered to the character creation scene though. I'll let you know how things turn out. Peace.

Edit: Looking at your post, you said "??? 6th Etherkin faction". That has been announced too on ZX. It's a support class that uses scrolls as a weapon...Yah. Scrolls.

Edit: OHHH it's good. Load screen, server choice screen.

I'll post some screenshots soon.

Ascendeds can now join a class like it was at pre-ascension.

These rewards have replaced what used to be the green treasure box and brocade box. Some of the items are the same and some are way better. They stepped up their game a bit. It's nice.

Ascension for the class seems to be enabled. So I am going to attempt to ascend now. Peace.

I am now a level 15 ascended Gevrin. ^_^
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