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News / Recent Server Outages
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:36:29 am »
We had ongoing server outages for a few months, or longer. After months of monitoring the issue, we determined the issue must be hardware-related.

Our provider recently contacted us and let us know that they had replaced the CPU cooling system. This is likely what was causing these outages. As the server would overheat and automatically restart.

As rare issues like these pop-up, we learn from them and improve. Every year we have less downtime than the last year.

Hopefully, this issue has been fixed. However, we already did rent a replacement server anyway. So, when we do the Hydran patch, there will likely be a migration to a new server along with it.

We wouldn't be spinning up a 3rd server if we weren't that close. Still can't give a date, but we're almost there. You'll get a date when we add the new landing page with that information.

General Discussion / Re: Server is down?
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:31:29 am »
Etherkin patch won't be random. You will see a new landing page when it's done, and there will be a countdown.

That said, done is never done and there will be things to change. Our intent, is to get to weekly or bi-weekly patches after that.

General Discussion / Re: REALLY ? DOWN AGAIN ?
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:30:02 am »
It's happening again and again. The fact that that happens is not the most important thing. But why nobody explain us what's going on?

We did and do.

Usually, we would post on the news page but everything has gone to shit since any time I have had to focus on anything server-related has been dedicated to Hydran patch or other forms of general upkeep.

We did explain it in Slack, though.

We thought it was a hardware issue, so we've rented a new server to replace it. That said, our provider let us know they just replaced some hardware on this server. So maybe it'll be fixed now? idk.

Technical Support / Re: Problem using a character
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:27:07 am »
i've got 4 characters in total and the only one that's making my game crash is my Incense Mage (alh). Whenever I try to get into the game with it, an error pops up saying "Monkeydynasty has stopped working".
Probably it only needs to be unstucked from wherever I left him the last time.
Please hellllllllllp :-[

Please submit a ticket and I'll look into it as soon as possible.

General Discussion / Re: When will class change be ready again
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:26:24 am »
New patch is expected to come in March. Let's hope that everything works out!

Trying, not to throw Tcholok under the bus but I'm waiting for him to finish setting up the new server!

He has a significantly more important job, sorry, and he's been busy with other priorities. Today, he told me he will try and have it ready by the end of this week. So, yes, let's hope everything works out.

Class changes will return soon after the Hydran patch.

General Discussion / Re: Given up?
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:24:01 am »
I didn't mind the server, but how long has it been since you said the patch was coming? Havent seen any GMs log, admins, nothing. Server has dropped to an all time low. Is there actually going to be a patch, or is it better to just lose the hope?

Well, being 100% honest. There is a combination of issues that have resulted in a slower to complete patch. Some of it is motivation, some is just being busy, some is a lack of manpower, and there are other issues. I don't care to complain or anything, but I haven't been able to put as much time towards this as I would like to and we have had limited assistance with testing the patch.

I don't think you should lose hope. I am still here and I don't intend on seeing the server close. Neither does Tcholok, in fact, the issue has been more with me than him. I have been a little more busy this summer than originally planned. I have caught up on most things and am able to put much more effort into the server. Today, we confirmed that TW is fully working and one of the new instances. We will be posting some teasers soon.

While things have been delayed, we're not shutting down. We have no intention of stopping this project. In fact, we're in the process of testing the Hydran patch which will be applied very soon. I can't give a concrete time for release, but I can say that we're definitely patching it and most of the work has been completed.

I'd like to point out this post.

Motivation was a huge issue in Sept. of last year.  I was near-broke, in debt, stressed out, etc.

Soon after, crypto really took off. I paid off all of my debts, haven't been broke since, and have much less stress.

However, during the time that I was struggling to be the core in-game developer of this server, so much stuff built up that it took months to catch up, and we still haven't been able to.

In my opinion, this patch definitely could have been out by September if it had been handled by me when I first got into it, but I couldn't find my groove.

Being active in forums, in game, working on the server, doing social media, and everything else that goes with it. It's really just too much for one person.

That all being said. I am still committed to pushing this Hydran patch out. We really are working on it, but not anywhere near as much as we, read I, should.

I just got back from a vacation. Literally, my first real vacation ever. Visiting a city, being a tourist, not staying with family or something. I was able to take my kids to all of the places my parents never took me when I was a kid, in the city I grew up in. We were able to eat at some of the same places my parents used to take me too.

I have a surgery on Friday.

My life will always get in the way of development. I can't help that without hiring another developer and we don't even make enough to pay for the server.

We've been paying out of pocket for the server for nearly a year. We in this sentence means Tcholok.

I don't want to make any promises because I genuinely don't know what will happen over the next couple of weeks, but we aren't spinning up a new server for it for nothing. lol. We're not intentionally trying to pay for 3 servers when only one is actually being played on. Right?

General Discussion / Re: Given up?
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:14:19 am »
I didn't mind the server, but how long has it been since you said the patch was coming? Havent seen any GMs log, admins, nothing. Server has dropped to an all time low. Is there actually going to be a patch, or is it better to just lose the hope?

We will be posting some teasers soon.

Lol another broken promise.

Tbh Ive long since given up, im not waiting, it's just theres been -a lot- of broken promises on the management side of this server.

Theres no point to play right now.

No teasers, that was literally 5 months ago...and we've gotten nothing but more "we're working on it come test" over and over and over.

I'm not very good at things like social media. Honestly, I hate social media. Like, my Twitter picture was the same for 5 years? Until my fiancee changed it for me....

This isn't meant to be an excuse, I'm just trying to be honest. I suck at doing things like taking pictures and sharing them. I didn't grow up with a smartphone in my hand like many of you did.

I don't do Snapchat, I barely do Twitter, I don't do Facebook, I don't do Instagram, etc, etc, etc.

I have been terrible at managing our Facebook page. Keeping people updated, etc.

That being said, anybody has been able to post pictures for the last several months. Anyone.

The test server has been completely open and we've had very little help. Recently, a few new players joined and that will help immensely.

I'm not blaming the players, it's my job, not yours, but if you're going to bitch about it, it's probably fair for me to point out that it's a free-to-play game that pays me less per month than I'll make off of crypto while sitting on the toilet. So, if you really want shit done, you could always help.

Nobody really wants to do that, though. They will claim that they want to, but not show up when asked.

General Discussion / Re: Game Sage
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:09:06 am »
how is Sassie still Game Sage, never helps anyone or gives any advice to those that need it? Just wondering if its an honorary title

No, only for Samhara is it honorary. Sassie applied and was approved.

Technical Support / Re: missing npc?
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:05:18 am »
We're aware of this issue.

Have any of you bothered to go on Hydran test to see if it's fixed?

Of course not.

General Discussion / Re: Game Sage
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:03:26 am »
It isn't being "butthurt" when its the truth. GS's rarely log on and then when they do, they don't even ask if anyone needs help.  However, that aside. Most of you are just alts anyway. Plvl yourself. :P

I do think a good GS would regularly log in and actively offer help to users.

One of the things that made MD great originally was the positive environment with helpful staff and players. Sure, we had some negativity, like anywhere, but it was a mostly positive experience for people. As far as I have been told.

GS' should offer help to users when they can. They don't get anything for being a GS so I can't imagine why someone would want to have the title just to do nothing. To, what? Get treated like shit by players, hated, called names, etc. Can't imagine anyone wanting to do that for fun, but then again, trolling is a thing.

Ingame / Re: blocky skills
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:00:25 am »
i attempted to change the format but nothing works out.

Can't remember the specifics for sure. You really shouldn't need to switch to Chinese, but I think that was regularly the issue for some people. My system is always in Chinese because development programs wouldn't work otherwise.

We need to take some time to address this issue and find a suitable resolution. Unfortunately, like many other things, it has fallen to one of the many back burners because of a lack of staff.

Once we have determined a solid resolution for this issue we will add it to our wiki, which is under development, into a technical support section that will interact with our forums and make it easier for users to navigate from help pages to discussion pages.

Technical Support / Re: game version
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:57:06 am »
what version of game is it? can't find it how is it possible

Uh... Regenesis? lol

Quests / Re: Help me GM. I lost my vitalization quest.
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:56:26 am »
I trashed my vitalization quest. İt is lost and can't take it. Help me.

It'll come back after reset or it might even be in your active quests. Either way, you never lose it.

General Discussion / Re: Game Sage
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:53:56 am »
To be honest I have to agree, putting all feelings for said  'GS'  aside she did not even adhere to Gs rules. She let a lot of things slide that should not have been let go. She never assisted anyone in the game nor did she attempt to.  Player's would ask for assistance and she would 'randomly' disappear or claim that she only logged for wars. Which  to everyone's knowledge was not the truth. Neither her nor Wasabi did their jobs and yet  they were allowed to keep their positions. How is that fair? It is not.  Player's like Janus and Dutchlady and so forth were helping the players to tier. When Wasabi or Sassie were asked a question  the players were ignored or told to'Get off her dick' so to speak. But yet if someone would say something out of order to either of them then they would claim they would report said player to Perryl That's a very unruly use of staff power Ghandour .But of course you would defend Sassie, she is your friend. You want to protect her and I get that but right is right. She doesn't deserve that title and neither does Wasabi. The only thing they cared about was each other and using Gs for nasty purposes.  But I will also state Gs are also players they are allowed to play the game but they are also suppose to help as well. So the person isn't butthurt they are telling the truth.  Gs  are suppose to help and since she doesn't help she doesn't need to be a gs.   #SorryNotSorry

Nobody has ever provided any evidence of GS' using their title for "nasty purposes". Perhaps, you should consider reporting those GS for their infractions to the appropriate people? Preferably with screenshots or timestamps of logs for me to look at.

Passive-aggressive bitching in the forums isn't going to do anything for you. I would think that if the staff was doing anything wrong that people would do the appropriate thing and report it to me.

Show up or shut up.

As for "fair". I don't exactly have the greatest pool to choose from, most applicants have been banned before. Should I be giving them staff positions now? Think about it. GS is a precursor to GM.

We have 1 GS?, 0 GMs, and 2 admins, 1 of which is a sysadmin and doesn't do game stuff usually.

It has been a long time since we have had a solid staff team. I look forward to trying to rebuild that again, but I have to read applications, tickets, logs, etc, plus work on the Hydran server, plus, you know, live. I'm a father, etc.

There is only one person who is a GS because of status or whatever. That's Samhara. She died while still performing her GS duties. She was actually in the process of being promoted to GM. So, yeah, she keeps the title. It's an honorary title. For us to remember her.

Anybody else was hired because Kaz and I felt they were good applicants. Mostly Kaz, I just checked their logs and approved.

We will pick up more GS, for sure. All part of this long overdue Hydran patch and shop upgrade and everything else we're doing. Can't reveal it all yet.

General Discussion / Re: Game Sage
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:44:41 am »
Cannot be made more clear.

Games Sages are volunteers. They are players, just like you.

Expecting anything from them is stupid. Just stop.

Sassie is our only active GS right now. Wasabi has officially quit and I haven't had time to update the staff page yet.

Next you're going to bitch that Samhara doesn't work hard enough. News flash, she's dead.


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