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Title: The Patch Guide
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:08:40 am
The Patch Guide
(also known as: what the fuck do I have to do next?)

If anything changes due to a new patch, this guide will be updated accordingly.

Additionally, this guide will be updated over time as I also learn new things or if there is any feedback in comments.

I hope this guide works as a foundation and that it helps some players – new and old – figure out what they are supposed to be doing.

Beast Lord Instance
Soul Cards
Sprites (Incomplete)
Star Soul
Other Tips/Advice (Incomplete)
Title: Gears
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:12:54 am

With the patch comes new gear, including the Lumen upgrade from Gaian and other upgrades for chi, charms and more.

Lumen Gear
Requirements:  Level 160, Gaian Gears

Honor Gem Gears: 4300 Honor Gems, 57000 Gold Leaf
Skytouch/Battleground/Chuhan Gears: 16600 Wonderland Stone, 6000 Heaven Dragon Seal, 1950 Dragon Muscle
Diamond Gears: 10600 Wonderland Stone, 4200 Heaven Dragon Seal, 1050 Dragon Muscle

Where to Acquire: Seat of Chaos (Access through Skylord in Sunstream), Divine Master, Wary Gear Scripture Exchange

Acquiring Heaven Dragon Seals: There are currently two methods of acquiring Heaven Dragon Seals. The first method is to farm in Moontop Hollow (Jadeon, not the instance) at Firewheel Juumo or other white named mobs. (Additional Drops: Esper Pieces, Esper Ascension Orb, Ice Orb of Vastness, Esper Fusion Manual, Soul Inverter Shard)

The other method is to buy Elysium Proclamations from the Sky Dweller in Sunstream (100 Elysium Proclamations is 5000 Gold), complete the quest by killing Celestial Vanguards in Kunlun, and open the lotto received from completing the quest. The chance of Heaven Dragon Seals can be low and appear in amounts of 5 or 25. (Additional Prizes: Monkey Coins, Bananas, a load of other stuff that I’m not even sure on)

In my opinion, farming in Moontop Hollow is a quicker method of acquiring Heaven Dragon Seals. Alternatively, buy from players. (Market price at time of forum post: 100-200g each)

Acquiring Wonderland Stones:   Wonderland Stones still drop in Inferna. Farm Azure Phoenixes/White Vultures (Additional Drops: Chroma Bead, Affinity Bead, Goat Year Blessing, Mystic Charm, Flux Sigil – tiiiiiiiny chance). Alternatively, buy from players. (Market price at time of forum post: 4-5g each)


Other Gears
White Goat Talisman: Upgrade from the White Day Charm. Buy Zodiac Energy (4000 Monkey Coins) from Monkey Vendor, and exchange at Award Manager.

Lucky Year of the Goat (Chi): Upgrade from the Bestial Chi. Buy Zodiac Energy (4000 Monkey Coins) from Monkey Vendor, and exchange at Award Manager.

Cyntec Seal Nine-Song Source: Exchange from Elemental Temple NPC with x3 Cyntec Seal Eight-Plague Grid. You must complete Elemental Temple and hand in the Vouchers to be rewarded with a Cyntec Seal Four-Seas Saga. Currently, you will need 243 of Cyntec Seal Four-Seas Saga to achieve the Cyntec Seal Nine-Song Source. However, if pre-patch you already had the Cyntec Seal Eight-Plague Grid, you will only need 162 of Cyntec Seal Four-Seas Saga. (If my maths is wrong, please let me know; I'm a dumb human)

Esper Resistances (Green Stats): Collect 20 Dragon Elixir per voucher at Moontop Hollow (Instance. Additional Rewards: Chroma Beads, Affinity Beads). Assimilating these with your esper will cause a random resistance to be given green stats. Max Stat: 20 or 24, will update soon.
Title: Beast Lord Instance
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:14:57 am
Beast Lord Instance

With the patch comes the new instance Beast Lord. This instance gives players a chance to gain upgraded skills which are more powerful than before.

The instance has six levels, and players can only advance onto the next level once they complete the previous level. (As of this guide being written, Beast Lord levels 4-6 are bugged and will not allow you to advance.)

Players must navigate the instance and defeat five bosses. Each boss has a chance to drop Mystic Tome Books, with the final boss dropping the highest-level books equivalent to the Beast Lord level currently being challenged.

There are four types of books available: Greensack Jadebook, Whitesilk Taobook, Redplume Skilltome, Darkguard Oldscroll. The Greensack Jadebook and Whitesilk Taobook both have the chance to include an upgraded skill for the player’s faction. This skill is more powerful than the original.

The Mystic Tome Books must be identified upon being picked up. Upon being identified, each book will have some stats on them. These stats can vary in power and variety depending on the book, the book tier and the book level.

Books can be levelled up and embedded to the player by right clicking on them. Levelling up books requires Spirit Covenant, which is dropped in the Beast Lord Instance. It can also be gained from decomposing books. Levelling books is not 100% guaranteed and may fail many times.

The highest tier of book is Level 6, while the highest level is Level 10.

When books are dropped in the instance, they may have a green or gold light beam shining from them. A green light indicates good stats (and a small chance of a skill), while the gold light indicates a skill.
Title: Soul Cards
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:18:10 am
Soul Cards

Soul Cards are another way to gain additional stats. Using Soul Card combinations can cause a player to have much higher stats which can be useful for both PvP and PvE.

I will eventually post some information about what kind of combinations can be made with Soul Cards for certain builds, but it is not currently possible for me to do so.

You can open the Soul Card through the character page (press “C”). The Soul Card tab is next to Chroma. Here you can see your array and your current cards. To start with Soul Cards, first you need to do Readings to get the cards you want.

After opening the Reading interface, you can choose to Refresh or Confirm your current potential cards. The first Refresh and first Card you choose are free, but after this you will need Flame of Nirvana to refresh and Golden Branch of Wishes to select a card.

Please note that while you can refresh an unlimited amount of times, you can only choose up to 12 cards in a day. As an additional note, you cannot choose the exact card you want as the cards will be randomised face down for you to choose from until you get the card you desire.

There is also the option to buy some Soul Cards. In your Card bag, there are the two tabs, “My Soul Cards” and “Browse Soul Cards”. When browsing Soul Cards, you can choose one which you want and spend Soul Ash to buy it directly instead of relying on luck.

However, a few of the Supreme Soul Cards (including espers) are not able to be bought. Therefore, players can only obtain by refreshing their Readings.


Card Array
Players start with a low-level array which can hold 2 cards. They can use Ice Orb of Vastness to level up the array, with the final array being able to hold 8 cards. A higher levelled array is better, as this means more cards can be placed to create combinations which give good stats.

Acquiring Ice Orb of Vastness: There are many ways to acquire the Orbs needed for levelling the array. They drop in various instances, as well as dropping in Moontop Hollow (Jadeon). They can also be acquired through Exploration and some quests. Visit Cardshark Xing Yun in Sunstream (Next to CP NPC) to collect some Spiritseals.

When using these Spiritseals, you must kill Black Bamboo in Jadeon in exchange for Ice Orb of Vastness. There is a Spiritseal (Gold) also available in the Marketplace, which can be done once per day. Alternatively, you can buy from other players (Market price at time of forum post: 15g each).

Card Combination, Levelling, and Esper Cards
You can combine Soul Cards to create even more powerful cards. This can be done through the Soul Card Transfer. When you have more than one of the same card, you can use the Soul Card Transfer (click on the card of choice, open the menu; under the picture should be a button) to transfer one card to the other, stacking up to 12 times. This can result in some hidden stats being revealed.

You can also level the Soul Cards using the Ice Orb of Vastness. This is done using the button “Purification”. I believe the max level is 50 but let me know if this is wrong information.

Finally, you can also do these steps with Esper Cards. On the Soul Card menu, when selecting a normal card, there is a “Gear” button next to the picture. Clicking on this lets the player choose an esper for this card. Adding the esper to the Soul Card allows for even more powerful stats to be in effect. (EDIT: any esper card can be used with any soul card. These cards are not restricted with use, and should in fact be chosen for their individual stats.)

Title: Sprites
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:19:41 am

Check here for MD Wiki Guide to Sprites. (

(Will be updated with more information over time.)
Title: Star Soul
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:21:57 am
Star Soul

Star Souls are a new feature which can increase some stats for players. The process to increasing these stats involves farming some mobs in Garro Island until you can level the stats manually.

Starting Quest
To gain access to the Star Soul system, players first must complete the quest. There will be a quest in the log called ‘The Vortex’, which will guide the player to Garro Island and activate the Star Soul system. After Star Souls are unlocked, players must farm mobs in Garro Island to receive Star Soul points.


Farming mobs in Garro Island works like farming anywhere else, except the other thing gained is the Star Soul points. There are no drops at all.

Farmable mobs include; Star Soul Warrior, Star Soul Fairy, Star Soul Spirit, Star Soul Witch, and Star Soul Demon.

From what I’ve seen/experienced of Garro Island, the Star Soul Fairy gives the highest amount of Star Soul points. A 4-spot is available at -298, -343. If anyone has information that contradicts this, please let me know in the replies and I’ll change this guide accordingly.

Point Usage
The Star Soul menu for using points can be accessed at the bottom of the screen next to the pet summoning button/skillbar.

There are two types of points gained from farming Garro Island mobs. There are the Stat Boost points, and the Item Exchange points.

After each stat boost, the number of points needed to upgrade to the next level increases. As a result, many points are needed to fully max the Star Soul stats.

The Item Exchange points can be used to exchange for a special title [Multiple available: Star Smasher, Star Fetcher, more info to come soon], and a transform gem.
Title: Instances
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:24:03 am

This section will highlight some changes to the current instances, including rewards and drops.

Crimson Peaks
Rewards for Crimson Peaks (Voucher): 20k Affinity Beads, 4k Chroma Beads, 1000 Gold Banknote, Monkey Coin Packs x2, Kirin Sigil Shard, Banana Peels

Quest Rewards: Monkey Coin, Banana Peel, Heaven Dragon Seal, Affinity Bead, Chroma Bead

Drops: Fatecharm Fragment, Wonderland Stone, Chroma Bead, Affinity Bead, Soul Inverter Shard, Ice Orb of Vastness, Monkey Coin

Torment Tower
Rewards for Torment Tower (Ultimate Chest): 1000x Ice Orb of Vastness, 300x Soul Ash, 30x Heaven Dragon Seal, 300x Spiritual Covenant, Jade Scroll.10

Soul Tower
Will be updated.

Celestial Tower
Rewards for Celestial Tower: Chroma Beads, Heaven Dragon Seals, Mystic Tome Books, Celestial Scrolls, New Title [Monster Slayer] (Critstrike Rate 2%, Critstrike Bonus 6%, Skill Accuracy 2).

Moontop Hollow
Will be updated.

Elemental Tower
Will be updated.

Dread Lab
Will be updated.

Eldea Gauntlet
Will be updated.

Shura Gauntlet
Will be updated.

Destruction of Sunstream
Will be updated.
Title: Other Tips/Advice
Post by: Voli on November 06, 2018, 10:25:35 am
Other Tips/Advice

This section will include any other new features, as well as suggestions from players.

Soulstone System
Will update with information as I acquire it.

Battle for Supremacy
Will update with information as I acquire it.

Rice Ball
With the patch also comes the Rice Ball, which has the possibility to award the player with some powerful items.

The Rice Ball can be acquired from opening ANY lotto, despite it not appearing as a reward on any lotto description. As a guide for the rate of acquiring from lottos, I received 20 from 6k lottos.

To open the Rice Ball menu, you can right-click on it. From here, you can see all the available prizes as well as the option to Feed and Eat the Rice Ball.

To gain the higher tier prizes, a player must ‘Feed’ the Rice Ball with Jaden. The Rice Ball takes 2 Jaden each time. The player has the option to close effects when Feeding the Rice Ball, making it easy to Feed quickly. Approximately, it takes 700 Jaden to get to the higher tier prizes.

One of the available prizes is the Heaven Charm, which is newly introduced to this patch. The Heaven Charm makes it incredibly easy to obtain Talismans, as it can be exchanged at the Jade Exchange Girl (Sunstream) for ANY Talisman.

After achieving the prize, you can ‘Eat’ the Rice Ball. This will reward the prize selected. (There have been mentions of ‘hidden prizes’, but I’ll update this once I know if it’s true or not)

The current rewards from Exploration ('All' from bottom of interface > Exploration) are listed below.
The '*' represents a rare reward.

Dragon Mt./Ancient Land/Dread Labyrinth: Chroma Bead x2k, Spiritual Covenant x150, Common Seal Orb x500, Common Orb Bead x12, Heaven Dragon Seal x3, Monkey Coin x100, Jade Sigil, Dragon Sigil Shard x2, Monkey Coin Pack x5*, Kirin Sigil Shard x5*

Wildlands/So. Border/Kunlun: Celebean x50, Affinity Bead x1k, Fatecharm Fragments x20, Common Seal Orb x75, Heaven Dragon Seal x3, Fine Seal Orb x50, Monkey Coin x50, Jade Sigil Shard x2, Monkey Coin Pack

The Billows/Sunstream City/Divine Realm: Ice Orb of Vastness x1k, Flame of Nirvana x5, Soul Ash x200, Celestial Degree x25, Heaven Dragon Seal x3, Portal Charm x10, Monkey Coin x25, Bronze Sigil Shard x5, Monkey Coin Pack*, Universal Coin*

Secret Places: To be updated.

VIP Rewards
Will update with information as I acquire it.

Charge Rewards
Will update with information as I acquire it.