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Ingame / Re: Monkey Coins and its application
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:21:23 pm »
1st thought on this, well, we just finished customizing BFS awards as part of an upcoming patch, but it won't make the title easier to get. We don't really think it should.

I think the idea of bringing alts in to BFS to stack the enemy team so you can win easier is... I mean, as far as I'm concerned people doing that should be banned. lol.

So, I don't think we would create a new item for people to farm to get access to items they normally have to obtain with effort. I like exclusive content. I think players like to know that something they have is unique and will stay unique. For example, we have some content in the auction that we keep as auction exclusives only. We don't add them to the NPCs or anything because we want people who won those items in the auction to feel as good about winning them tomorrow as they do today.

There are honestly too many new features to even accurately talk about this idea. Things changed significantly in the upcoming patch because that's the direction JD took and we don't want to undo things they did that we think make sense. As you guys discussed, items become devalued over time. The economy fluctuates. Yes, the person who has a fat wallet is at an advantage, but let's be honest, the server went down the other day because of an autopay failure. Meaning, we aren't making enough money to pay for the rent. Don't think you have any big wallets to worry about. The person who has been playing since 2013 also has an advantage. That's just the way it is. In any game, and always will be really. Unless you're playing a game where everyone starts from scratch every month, like a round based game or something. This will happen.

We are considering many changes that I think will address the points made in this thread in a way that all of you will agree is good, or not, we'll see. lol.

Ingame / Re: Monkey Coins and its application
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:08:23 pm »
what is preventing someone from opening 999 clients and farming MCP for a day and then channeling all their MCP to a main character and using that to get said 2-3 months worth item? it isnt fair for those that are unable to compete with these 'min-max' type players.

That would be some dedication. Besides, who that has a good enough PC that they can run 999 clients is going to spend their valuable time running 999 clients to get what they could get with a few dollars.

The people who would run 999 clients don't have the technical ability to do so. We did, in fact, factor this into our decision. We wanted to spend more time on development and less time on banning the same people over and over again. The few people who did this and got banned for it were using up time that would benefit a larger group of people being used elsewhere.  For them to just come back, make new accounts, and do it again.

We believe that if we spend more time on development that it will satisfy more people than being vigilant about banning people for things like having too many accounts. Something that was difficult to prove in the first place because everybody's dog has an account.

News / Patch v43
« on: October 11, 2018, 10:59:23 pm »
Hi guys, a few random adjustments for you. We have the next few patches planned out and will be delivering some regular updates for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

  • Jumping Squirrel added back to Pet Master Ellan.
  • Ascended Menguu Relic added to marketplace for 20 Jaden.
  • Chroma Lotto added to Jordy NPC in Sunstream - Rewards range from 300 Chroma Beads to 300,000! Chroma Bead rewards are tradeable. Good luck!
  • Rayan BG Lumen armor fixed.
  • Bank Note Exchange has returned
  • The option to purchase Bank Notes has been renamed to Buy Bank Notes from Bank Note Exchange.
  • You can now stack many items to 30k!
  • Esper Gems now stack to 100.
  • We've made Soul Ash and Ice Orb of Vastness tradeable.
  • Most packs should open quicker.

Multiple areas have had their drops completely refactored:
  • MTH-Jadeon has been modified to have increased drop rates for esper related items, but you'll also find very rare items dropping there such as Monkey Coins, Ice Orbs, and Heaven Dragon Seal.
  • Inferna has had the drops rewritten to add in several new items and with improved logic that will result in a better grinding experience. We've also added some very valuable items into the drop list, but at a very low chance. Who will be the lucky one to pick up a Flux Sigil?
  • CP has had a complete recalibration on the drop rates. The mobs drop useful items, the bosses have even better chances, and Linaska has a better chance of appearing at the end of a CP. Further, the quest "A Dark Future" has been modified to give a better sigil shard than previously possible. The other quests for completing CP, the quests for talking to NPCs, etc, have all had increased rewards. So take your time and enjoy CP! Don't forget about the sidequests.

Quests, Events, NPCs
  • Custom NPCs are back.
  • Custom Auction is back! It might take a few days to kick in, but it is back.
  • Quiz Bowl is now in English.
  • Courage has been removed from requirements for BG gears.
  • Experience gained from monsters in Citadel has been increased.
  • The quest Blessing of the Dragon has been changed to Blessing of the Monkey, and now instead of rewarding a Coldmoon Essence it will reward you with 5 Monkey Coins, but it also has a chance of rewarding you with 1 Diamond and a small chance of rewarding you with a Flux Sigil Shard.
  • Purple spam fixed.
  • Sanctuary Jadescroll has been removed and replaced with some Monkey Coins for now.

More updates coming soon.

News / Patch v42 - Hydran T2, Assimilation, ...
« on: September 16, 2018, 12:36:16 pm »
More stuff fixed.


Just kidding.

Hydran Tier 2 is fixed.
Lots of stuff is fixed that we didn't know was broken and was never reported so we can't tell you exactly what was fixed. lol
Upgrading some skyblades is fixed, realizing as I wrote this that I missed some. We'll probably do a quick follow-up patch tonight.
Assimilation issues are fixed.
Sigil shard exchange is back, I think
Banana Peel NPC is fixed.
Flux Sigil 4-pack is fixed.
Some items that were not tradeable since the Hydran patch are now tradeable again.
Some stacks were too low, those are fixed.

Definitely missed stuff that's fixed and I forgot is fixed.

Chinese spam is gone, but some other stuff is back to Chinese. This is temporary while we wait for an improved aipolicy editor to release. Hopefully this month. We might change it again, idk yet. We can change it back if you prefer the purple spam.

Talisman back in marketplace.
Provisions back in marketplace.

Lots of other stuff that I forgot about. Just look for issues and report them as you see them. We're planning to push another patch later tonight with a whole slew of small edits to improve various PvE elements of the game.

Oh and don't forget to enter the Ultimate Raffle on forums.

News / Patch v35
« on: September 03, 2018, 06:55:38 pm »
Oh look, we did 2 patches in 3 days. It's unicorn season.

You know, lots of stuff was changed. I forgot some of it, but hey, you'll tell me if something is wrong, right? Of course you might.

Custom NPCs are back. Yeah, they aren't perfect. Another patch will come soon and will make it better.

Drop rates are increased. Maybe not as high as they should be, we'll decide that after we do another modification to drop lists.

Perfect Tawen Gems don't work. No idea why, yet, but we'll find out. And when we know, we'll fix it. Until then, use the normal ones.

Hydran Esper Gem doesn't work. I don't know why, yet, but we'll find out. And when we know, we'll fix it. Like other stuff.

Keep reporting stuff. Slack remains the best place to do so.

Don't like the drops? Buy yourself that item... What was it called? I forget the name. Maybe someone in world chat knows. Kill 18 of those mobs in Kunlun, forget what they're called, and open an Elysium Vessel. It has pretty contents.

Another patch coming real, real, soon. More fixes, let me know what you think I should fix first.

Technical Support / Re: LOG IN PROBLEM
« on: August 08, 2018, 10:30:28 am »
Hi, after I started using another computer with Win 7 Ultimate OS (32 bit, 4 GB RAM), I am not able to Log in to Monkey Dynasty. Whenever I start the launcher, the Log in screen comes as a BLANK DARK screen, and after a second or two just disappears.  I had installed MD as new (not copy paste). I was playing all right in my old Win XP OS computer. I have tried Full Check also. Please help fast, and thanks in advance.

Sounds like you probably need to update your Direct X.

News / Banana Shop
« on: July 26, 2018, 06:01:44 am »
The Banana Shop has been temporarily disabled for an update. We'll update this post when it's back live.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Banana Shop is live again. You will not see the changes yet, but there will be more lottos available when the patch has been completed. Sales will also appear more often than before.

There will be more changes to the Banana Shop around the time that the Hydran patch is released.

General Discussion / Re: JD Official Servers Shutting Down June 5
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:49:19 pm »
Perry -

Mitko released the sierra files on rage zone, I honestly am not smart enough to know how/where to find them on there, or where he put them on there. But I do know he released the sierra files.

You can probably contact him via discord or something if we really want to know.

 I don't think it should be priority, but hopefully once the current patch is out you can grab it from him and start working on it.

Already checked, not there. Unless he posted them in a section unrelated to Jade Dynasty, but then they would have been deleted. So, idk. Find them and link them to me.

Technical Support / Re: Out of range
« on: June 07, 2018, 02:07:15 pm »

Technical Support / Re: I have a Mac
« on: June 07, 2018, 02:06:16 pm »
I don't use a Mac personally but I assume you could run a Windows VM and play the game in that on a Mac, right?

Ingame / Re: Catalog of Players' Suggestions
« on: May 31, 2018, 09:40:17 am »
If Possible try to see if the Siera faction and/or Gervins can be added into the server?There are server side files on Ragezone posted by Mitko..but need to be translated and the official Client can be used for Client files...Please reflect and see if you can make this possible..the server will gain many many many players from adding the patch

Mitko hasn't posted anything above 15 class, just wasted my time checking.

Link me to what you think is 17 or even 16 class files. lol

General Discussion / Re: JD Official Servers Shutting Down June 5
« on: May 31, 2018, 09:35:05 am »
Hopefully perry takes into count taht Hydran and Seira files are released on Ragezone and gets them and starts to work on it while official client files are still downloadable..

Haven't seen Seira files, already have Hydran files.

Link me the Seira files and I'll look at them.

We had about a year of "Hydran' releases dropping that weren't real Hydran releases, before that we had about a year of Etherkin releases that were incomplete or mashups. Ridiculous. lol.

I'd be interested in working on Seira files, but I wouldn't be able to start on them until we're done with Hydran.

General Discussion / Re: JD Official Servers Shutting Down June 5
« on: May 31, 2018, 09:32:17 am »
Hopefully perry takes into count taht Hydran and Seira files are released on Ragezone and gets them and starts to work on it while official client files are still downloadable..

We've been waiting for the etherkin ascension for an eonnnnn 1/2.

I doubt we'll get Seira anytime soon.

It's a shame because my fav class on live was the gevrin, but they may never be on a private server sadly.

I hope someone leaks the files so we have hope of one day having almost all of the classes.

I suppose we'll never see the scroll class in english.

You gotta understand the files are out..just no one has time or wants to spend time or money into translating them into english...if someone would..we have a working English Server with Gervin...

Where? MC closed down and RZ is generally useless. Show me the files, I'll handle the rest.

Account Problems / Re: ??? Re: exemption status
« on: May 31, 2018, 09:23:13 am »
How long does this process usually take?
Am I waiting for a Skype call?
Is there someone/somewhere I'm supposed to check to expedite this process?
Did you all need more information?

We're a small team with too much to do, exceptions are not anywhere on our radar at this time. Sorry.

News / Registration problem - resolved
« on: May 01, 2018, 03:40:31 am »
We have resolved the registration issue.

I apologize for the late post, I'm very sick right now.

There was a technical issue affecting all outgoing emails and that prevented our registrations from completing and sending out activation emails. The error has now been resolved and protections have been put in place to prevent it from happening again. This was a very unusual error and likely won't happen again.

Thank you for your patience.

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