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Polls / Do you want a Role Playing forum?
« on: April 16, 2013, 05:50:51 pm »
I don't know really anything about role playing, but I know it's popular in some MMO's, so let me know what you think about it!

News / Post Mortem: Today's brief downtime
« on: April 16, 2013, 03:51:50 pm »
The purpose of a post mortem is to explain what happened, why, and why it won't happen again. This is part of our commitment to transparent management.

Today's issue on both Monkey Dynasty and Jade Monkey was caused by a hacking attempt. The attacker, coming from a vietnamese IP (could easily be a proxy) has been "scanning" both sites for vulnerabilities from approximately 11:30AM - 2:30PM EST. In the process, they triggered some slow image resizing processes we use to generate thumbnails for staff page and elsewhere. This generated some large temporary files which filled up a critical partition shared by some key server infrastructure.

The net result was unresponsiveness for multiple services across both Jade Monkey and Monkey Dynasty.

I've restored full service to both servers and websites and have done two things to prevent this from happening in the future. One, I have increased the partition from 20GB to 1TB to house plenty more data should we see a large spike before we have time to respond. Secondly, I've fixed the issue allowing them to resize arbitrary files and create large temporary files filling up this partition. Moving foward, a similar situation will not be possible and any other such problems will take about 500x as long to cause problems, giving me plenty of time to spot + fix it.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your continued support!

As an additionally side note, I have a big presentation I'm preparing for and giving today through the weekend, so I am not available to deploy new patches or do anything other than critical fixes such as this. Expect some big changes when I get back!

News / Patch #6
« on: April 12, 2013, 11:35:30 pm »
Thanks to Perryl for his hard work on this patch and thanks to the staff team for their continued excellent support and events ingame and on the forums.

We've grown tremendously over the past few weeks, and we couldn't have done it without a great team!

Ingame Changes
  • We have changed it so you can add locations in Dragon Mountain and Citadel to your astrolabe.
  • We have edited the drops in DL so that provisions and potions will not drop anymore, Honor Gem drop rates have also been doubled.
  • Some batts that were missed have had their hp/sp gain reduced to 1. Essentially removing them from the server.
  • Gold and items won't stop dropping when a monsters name turns grey. This means you can now go kill those Gilhooks and Turtles for your Steeling Beads. This also means you can farm butterflys if you're bored. This will also make it easier to have scavenger type events. - 谢谢你给我的朋友从中国的帮助。- Thank you to my friend from China for the help.
  • Added 10k and 50k bank notes to the Bank Note Exchange in Sunstream.
  • Fighting Confidence rewards from the Law of nature quest have been increased x 5.
  • Secret of Order and Challenge of War cost divided by 10.
  • Jade Scroll - 10, ★,★★, and ★★★ have been added to the Monkey NPC.
  • Exploit and feat rewards have been multiplied by 5.
  • You will now receive a blazing voucher and a champions voucher once per day.
  • MTH rewards increased and adjusted.
  • Blessing of heaven rewards adjusted
  • A silver lining (CP quest) rewards increased, including a +11 sigil shard upon completion.
  • Added a +12 sigil shard to the rewards for killing Lady Linaska
  • More items added to the GM tab of the Monkey NPC for the Event GM's to give out as prizes.
  • A new tab added on the Monkey NPC called "Exchange". You can bring your ores, orbs, dragon totems, and celestial starfire here to exchange for affinity beads, chroma beads, and dragon sigils. Also, these dragon sigils are tradeable.
  • Changed the names of the sigils to correspond with the winners of the sigil contest. Sorry for the delay with posting about this, I had picked the winners about a week ago now. Congrats to Milo, Swag, and Luciforge for their winning submissions to the sigil contest. +12 sigil will now be known as Astri sigil, +13 sigil will be known as Ares sigil, and the +14 sigil will be known as the Flux sigil.
  • Blizzard skyblade fixed.

Website Changes
  • Paymentwall is now active, you can now donate from a dozen new methods!
  • We have increased your account limit to 5 to accommodate those of you who have family who wants to play too. We are working on a way to make it so multiple people can vote from the same household, but without it being something a single player could abuse.

Launcher Changes
  • The updater will adjust all files to be not read only when the game is started. This should fix a lot of issues people have had with files upadting over and over again but never really updating.

Note: This patch requires a small client update, so be sure to launch from the Monkey Dynasty Launcher. No need to full check.

Polls / What area do you most want us to focus on?
« on: April 10, 2013, 02:08:46 pm »
We want your help in focusing our development efforts moving forwards. Tell us what you want most and we'll weigh your input with our long term goals.

If you weren't likely to recommend it, why not?

I will be doing polls like this every so often to gauge how well we're doing overall.

News / Patch #5: Shop Changes, SIgls + More
« on: March 31, 2013, 10:25:44 pm »
  • Last online reward time reduced by 1 hour.
  • Tyche Hat removed from Monkey NPC and replaced with celesphere sand pack for 10 monkey coins.
  • Celesphere sand pack x 25 added to monkey NPC for 200 monkey coins.
  • Celesphere sand pack x 25 added to marketplace for 50 jadens
  • Celesphere sand pack x 1 reduced to 2 jaden on marketplace
  • Socket Lock added to Monkey NPC for 25 Monkey Coins
  • Socket Lock price reduced in marketplace from 25 jaden to 5 jaden
  • Affinity changers prices massively reduced from 200 jaden to 20 jaden.
  • Added more items to the GM exchange to make obtaining prizes easier for event GMs.
  • Created trade friendly versions of the +11, +12, +13, and +14 sigil. These will be available to donaters only. Prices TBA.
  • Added the trade friendly versions of the +11 - +14 sigils to the GM exchange for event GMs to be able to award as prizes. +14 sigils will be available in game to non-donators but only through special events and something else that I'm still working on.
  • Added the untradeable +10 sigil to the monkey NPC for 1500 coins. This sigil will bind any equipment you use it on.
  • Added the untradeable +11 sigil to the Monkey NPC for 3000 coins. This sigil will bind any equipment you use it on.
  • Moved Hero Loskens Soul to Billows because he is annoying, and nobody stands in Billows town.
  • Added the Rough Myna Orb to the marketplace for 50 silver jadens each.
  • Added Advanced Meditation Orb to the marketplace for 1 jaden each.
  • Added 10 Honor Gem to the Monkey NPC for 20 Monkey Coins.
  • Added Amaterasu fashion to marketplace
  • Added Anan Love, Bilu Devotion, Anan Sincere, and Velonus Infamous to the marketplace.

News / Patch #5: Banana Crate fix, M/D boxes, + more
« on: March 25, 2013, 11:38:25 pm »
  • Fixed issues with some titles.
  • Fixed Banana Crate.
  • Added m/d boxes to functional tab of marketplace.
  • Blocked some racist and offensive words in game.

Still lots more more to come!

This update requires a client update of about 90mb

News / Patch #4: Custom Items, Titles + More
« on: March 25, 2013, 12:34:09 am »
Thanks to Perryl for his hard work on this patch.

Custom Items
  • We are finally releasing a few of the custom items we have been working on! Thank you very much to Sinisterial and Arasha for all of your assistance.
  • You will find these items on the "new" tab of the Banana Stand. We're pretty sure they all work, but if one doesn't work, post about it / let us know and we'll refund your coins for it.

  • We have also finally got some custom titles. Thank you to Coolgirl for your help.
  • This means if you want a custom title, you can now contact us to find out about price and availability. Titles with stats will not happen, so don't even ask.

  • We fixed the Fighting Confidence quests, unfortunately one race was getting x5 FC and the other wasn't.
  • The features page has been partially updated.
  • Some of the new items have icons, some don't. We plan on making icons for the ones that don't but it will take some time.

This patch requires a small client update.

As always, Enjoy! More coming soon, let us know below how you feel about this update and what kinds of things you would like to see in future updates.

Note: Custom pets appear to have 0 stats when picking one from the Banana Stand, but once you buy it you will see the stats.

News / Patch #3: Mounts, Fashions, and more
« on: March 18, 2013, 01:17:57 am »
All the mounts that were not working properly should be fixed now.

Fashions should be tradeable now.

We're another step closer to releasing a large batch of custom items. You should see that soon. The reason it is taking us so long is because we want to make sure that we get as much done in one patch as possible. This coming patch effects some large files and we know some people have limited bandwidth, so it is best for us to try and update these files less often.

This patch includes about 175mb of client updates, so be sure to launch from your updater and give it a little while to update.

News / Timezones and DST
« on: March 13, 2013, 08:02:09 pm »
As some of you have noticed, daylight savings time in American timezones occurred this Sunday, moving America one hour closer to Europe. Because the server is in the European timezone CET (GMT+1), server events happen 1 hour earlier for Americans until March 31st.  For Europeans, there is no perceptible change.

To check the date for DST changes to your local timezone, click here.

After March 31st, time differences will return to normal.

News / Donations Open + Item Description Fix
« on: March 08, 2013, 10:13:50 pm »
We're happy to announce that Donations are now open! Donation rewards include Monkey Coins and Jaden and are fully explained on the Donations Page.

We know many of you are students and do not have a lot of money, but consider that we put a tremendous amount of work into developing this game for free, and any little bit helps. The server, web hosting, advertising, etc. all costs money, so even $5 shows you think our work is worth something and gives you helpful rewards at the same time!

In addition to donations, we've just updated the game client to properly display item descriptions for items in shops. I'm sure many of you have noticed some items only showed their title until purchased - this is now resolved.


News / Patch #2: CP change, onlilne rewards, + more
« on: March 06, 2013, 01:10:47 am »
  • Hero Loskens Soul added to Sunstream next to the Dragon Totem NPC.
  • The Novice Disciples in Crimson Peaks have been changed to Elite Disciples (untested)
  • Online rewards should be fixed.

That's all for this patch, leave any comments or suggestions on this thread. Thanks.

News / Patches notes for Live Update
« on: March 03, 2013, 09:56:09 pm »
Thanks to Perryl for his hard work on getting all of these massive changes ready for our Live Launch. He deserves a big Thank You!

  • Esper part drop rate has been increased by about 10x.
  • A new package has been added to the marketplace that includes a Gold Brick, Nirvana Insignia, the stones for the T4 quest, and an Invoker's Necklace.
  • All batts have had their functions reduced to 1 hp/mp except vigor batts, since they already have cooldown anyways. Most batts have been removed from the game so you shouldn't even see them often anyways, but when you do they won't work. If you find one that does work properly, please make sure to report it.
  • A lot of custom items have been added, more info on these items will be coming soon, including screenshots and pricing/availability.
  • If you haven't entered into the sigil naming contest, then you better do it now, contest will be closing very soon. You can enter by going here.
  • The refine cap is going to be +14 for the foreseeable future. Maybe one day the refine cap will be increased, but for the time being, we are going with +14 because we feel it is more balanced for PvP. Refining higher for color only will be coming soon, probably.
  • Rewards for Soul Tower have been doubled.
  • You only need 3 people to enter Dread Lab or MTH. You only need 5 to enter Crimson Peaks. We will be making some more edits to CP to make it more fun for a large group, and more worthwhile.
  • You can vote every 6 hours for 60 jaden per site, this equals 120 jaden every 6 hours.
  • You also earn 2 jaden per hour when online.
  • Online rewards have been adjusted, you get more stuff now, but you have to wait longer for the lottos and the bank notes. Online activity gets more rewarding the longer you've been online.
  • The kirin sigils from the VIP exchange bind now.
  • Dragon sigils have been reduced by 5 jaden to 55 jaden each.
  • The NPC's for the charm recipes will be added to Sunstream for the next patch.
  • Firmus lottos have had their prices increased to 2.5 jaden each.

All character information has been wiped (as of 19 hours before this post), you will be starting over from level 1 with no gear or items. Thank you all for testing the Monkey Dynasty beta, and helping us make sure that we are putting out the best server we can. As compensation for your time you will receive 100% of your voting jaden, this means you will receive 500 jaden per day from the day you registered as if you voted every 6 hours.

News / Server Wiped - Live starts now!
« on: March 03, 2013, 02:32:05 am »
The long-awaited wipe is finally here!

All game-data from beta has been wiped and we are live!

New installer is just about ready as well as a news post with all the updates. It's late, though, and I need to get some sleep, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for these.

As a thank you to the nearly 200 people who participated in the open beta, you have all receved the equivalent of 500 Jaden / day since you registered. Enjoy!

News / Patch: Round 1
« on: February 21, 2013, 12:11:47 am »
Thanks to Perryl for patient work on MD patches so far!

  • Fixed Jasper money and Skyline pearl so they'd be tradeable
  • Removed athan bg gear courage.
  • Removed a bugged lotto from marketplace.
  • Added sigil shard exchange to Lord Byzim in Sunstream.
  • lowered price of charm beads.
  • changed price of dragon sigil.
  • Fixed some stuff that you wouldn't know what it was even if we explained it. Just know it's fixed and good :).
  • Server time was changed to GMT +1
  • Removed the GM tab in marketplace... well the stuff off of it.
FYI You only need like 5 people to open Crimson peaks.

And that's it for now. Post your ideas, feedback, and suggestions on this thread. Currently we are looking pretty good for no wipe.

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