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Incense Mage / Re: any suggestions for this fuwa mage build ?
« Last post by tsunamii31 on Today at 10:56:22 am »
Hi what build is good for chroma max? Mage Fuwa pvp plz

- Tsunamii

Okay then, this is the build I have came up with for your current chroma level:

I hope this is useful. (The Chroma level is 18, if you want me to increase the chroma please let me know).

Now to answer all your other questions:


Weapon - Anti - Damage Reduction Talisman (Perfect Shield-Ruined Talisman)
Boots - Skill Accuracy (Thunderblade Charm)
Helm - Skill Accuracy (Thunderblade Charm)
Body - Skill Accuracy (Thunderblade Charm)
Tome - Critshield Talisman (Perfect Dragon-Scale Talisman)
Accessory - Critbonus Talisman  (Perfect Phoenix-Plume Talisman)

The reason why I have suggested the Perfect Shield-Ruined Talisman for the weapon is because it will allow your Nanwu Fire to hit much more as it will ignore 8% of the enemies Damage Reduction.

The reason why I have suggested the Thunderblade Charm for the Boots, Helm and Body is because the more Skill Accuracy you have the longer you can use 'Chained Soul' and this will be very useful against Balo's because you will be able to Drag them to the heart of the 'Fire Slay' and hold them there for much longer so the fire can devour them.

The reason why I have suggested Perfect Dragon-Scale Talisman for the Tome is because well let's face it Incense Mage's do not have much Defense, and having more Critnull is useless especially against Rayan's and Lupins. The more Critshield will allow you to be able to get hit less when the opponent hit's a critstrike on you.

The reason why I have suggested Perfect Phoenix-Plume Talisman for Accessory is simple really, more Critstrike Bonus will allow your Critstikes to be much more deadly, Nanwu Fire <zen> already gives extra chances of Critstrike per strike.


There are many options for Incense Mage's, here are a few I would recommend.

Option one;
 - Skill Accuracy
 - Skill Accuracy
 - Critstrike Bonus
 - Critstrike Bonus

Option two;
 - Skill Accuracy
 - Skill Accuracy
 - Attack Power
 - Attack Power

Option three;
 - Skill Accuracy
 - Skill Accuracy
 - Attack Power
 - Critstrike Bonus


Well when I use an Incense Mage I only use two Charms if I am honest because I don't like to change when I am PvPing. (Drawn and Chaos)

Drawn - With the tomes completely maxed it will allow you to switch forms from Human to Fire with no cooldown which can be very useful.
Chaos - This charm is useful as it will increase the duration of Nirvana to 16 - 18 seconds (I believe)
Blazing - This charm will increase the the damage the Nanwu Fire deals.
Challenger - This Charm will increase the ferocity of Fire Slay and it will deal more damage this is very useful in both PvP and PvE and it will deal more damage to the mob or your opponent.

Raja spamming? Now that is absurd, you can't just spam 'Raja'. Yes Fuwa allows you to use Raja more than the other Affinities but it doesn't allow you to spam it unless you have a Vim or another Incense Mage in your party. You can use the fashions to be able to use more Raja too but it's not spammable and also Array's such as Obstacle and Dragonfire has a chance to be able to reset the cooldown of Nirvana.

Well that's it for now. I really hope this has helped :)

 - Ryuusuke.
Technical Support / HOW TO/GUIDE : Install MD on LINUX/MAC
« Last post by C3R741N on Today at 04:26:59 am »
Hello there and thank you for joining Monkey Dynasty!

Here are steps for installing the game on LINUX/MAC:

(I don't think this is Distribution specific should work for all but if you encounter a problem don't hesitate to reach out!)

Step 1: go to and look for your OS and read how to install it on your system. (This allows windows apps to run on your OS)

Step 2: Download the Monkey Dynasty Update Client in the Connect section and make sure to save it to Desktop.

Step 3: Install downloaded file,  you will be prompted by wine that a c:// directory will be created I suggest not creating your own if you don't know what your doing just click ok.

Step 4: After the client finishes downloading (Disclaimer: can take a long time on some systems be patient!!) Click start and an exclamation box will appear in japanese text. Click ok this will trigger Direct X 11 Installer!

Step 5: When direct X finishes click start on game client

Step 6: Profit!!

Step 7: Dont forget to Vote for Jaden every six hours!!

If you are experiencing any font issues with in game interface and chat also install winetricks (just google instructions)
launch wine tricks from Konsole/Terminal using $:winetricks --gui
when the interface pops up click ok if needed then find change settings
checkmark fontfix.
Also while in game go to bottom right and click ALL  look for options
navigate the tabs on top  interface and chat
in Interface try 80 90 or 100% in chat settings try changing fonts or size with slider bar

Mac OS: These steps should work on MAC but there's maybe a few differences with the install process for WINE just read carefully on and again if you need help just reach out!

Have fun and I hope to see you in game!! if you need an Inductor ID when creating your character feel free to add me! ID: 2040007X000009019000505Z3ead21
Events / Hide & Seek
« Last post by Renya on Yesterday at 03:47:14 pm »
I'll be hiding around realm 7 and giving you guys hints in wc as to where I am. I'll set up a vend with the prize each round. First person to claim it wins.
Prizes will be random, let me surprise you  =]

You can win only one round. Please let others have a chance to. Showing up on alts to continue isn't a good idea either.

Hope to see you all there!

Side note. If you know where I am and will WC it, you will get muted. The Event is about finding me, not worldchatting where I am.
Events / Boss Hunt
« Last post by Renya on Yesterday at 01:34:40 pm »
I'll spawn a bunch of random bosses around a certain map in realm 4.  Hope you'll enjoy it!

Come and enjoy slaughtering the following:
~ Elysium bosses
~ chroma pack bosses
~ Fort PvE bosss
~ Ghostdoms
and a couple more!

Remember to wait in town untill I have everything ready :) Hope to see you all there!

Please remember to wait in town until the bosses are ready! I will announce when the event starts.
News / Re: Banana Shop
« Last post by LuXueqi on August 16, 2018, 06:43:12 pm »
No, and will not. Haven't u notice? they only care about "Money" or "banana shop" they only update their shop to get money. Just go to Extreme JD or Reborn JD, preferred Extreme JD. The two new class are about to be out. Piece!

Dawg, do you know why Xtreme went to shit before? I'll give you a hint: √ision. Nuff said.
Sell / Re: SELL for GOLD advice
« Last post by inorilee on August 16, 2018, 05:11:43 am »
Vote for a very long time, vote in diff networks, then buy gold bricks xD, though 1jaden=100g is not that much, it's a sure way to make one without relying on other players.

Not really good advice. That gets you banned. The multiple network thing. :)

That's not my intention. What I mean is keep voting every 6 hours even if you stopped playing the game. By network I mean if you have two acc, vote in mobile (data) and vote in PC
Sell / Re: SELL for GOLD advice
« Last post by iRico on August 16, 2018, 04:00:15 am »
at banker etsuk sell 700 Jadens for 130 gold, easy money :D
News / Re: Banana Shop
« Last post by JRking on August 15, 2018, 10:37:34 pm »
No, and will not. Haven't u notice? they only care about "Money" or "banana shop" they only update their shop to get money. Just go to Extreme JD or Reborn JD, preferred Extreme JD. The two new class are about to be out. Piece!
Events / Bloody Sunday (+13/+14 Edition)
« Last post by EvilFlippy on August 15, 2018, 03:16:00 pm »

Make sure to PM me before the event starts, so I can add you to the Jungle system.

Skysong, r4.

8 pm or 20:00 server time, August 19th. Event will last 1 hour.

+13 or +14 gears! MIN 63 Chroma.
Of course, you're invited to join even if you're lower, but that means no QQing in common/wc/pm.

1) No Skyblade bombing.
2) No parties.
3) The above rule means this is ALL-OUT PvP. No parties, no looking for loopholes to not attack someone. This isn't an alliance war. It's FREE-FOR-ALL.
4) Avoid spawning turrets right out of safe-zone, I will punish you.
5) If you do not pm me beforehand that you want to join, I won't add you to the Jungle system and your kills/deaths won't count.

1) 800 Banana Peels + Advanced Orb Bead Coupons x5
2) 600 Banana Peels + Advanced Orb Bead Coupons x3
3) 300 Banana Peels + 40 Monkey Coin Packs
4) 20 Monkey Coin Packs + Celesphere Sand lvl 5 x4
5) 10 Monkey Coin Packs + 150k + Celesphere Sand lvl 5 x2
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