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Topic: Celan in regenesis  (Read 1682 times)

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Celan in regenesis
« on: October 27, 2014, 09:36:03 am »
So celans are gonna be buffed quite nicely in regen, for example you still CANT move during auras, but you CAN attack = awesome defense in multi and single target pvp. Also SBE has been slightly buffed so its even more effective ( also has a chance of extreme dmg now but since its not 100% people shouldnt build around it )

Following text taken from http://jd-forum.perfectworld.com/showpost.php?p=6444452&postcount=199


Earthen Portamento ~

Also adds 6% of caster's AP to Soundblade Cliff

Pale Bard ~

Also adds 30% of caster's AP to Blow: Petal Drops

Tone of the Fountain ~

Defense increase raised to 15%

Chapter of Jade ~

Extra damage is increased

Raging Symphony ~

Also adds 6% of caster's AP to Soundblade Storm

Blow: Petal Drops ~

SP cost reduced - CD 9 sec

Auras ~

Only movement will stop Auras, can attack during now

Soundblade Emperor ~

Attaches 0.3% of caster's current SP to white damage and has a 10% chance for extreme damage

So basically you can silence your opponents at the same time as youre spamming chroma petals = pretty awesome. They have finally buffed auras so that we properly benefit from them. Im actually considering of going back to celan once regen pops out ( hopefully before 2015 )
And yes fuwa, because im evil. On the side note they also buffed petals slightly ( more AP )

Youd still pretty much be relying on chroma petals and SBE to do the killing, but youre really being more of that support class that celans supposed to be.


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Re: Celan in regenesis
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2015, 12:47:39 am »
Pettry fun dat all but  I don't think you need go fuwa XD for be hones felkin will be better now with the reduc critnull and rate array or you can also use paralize aura who also put reduction on potions. better than silence.   The only good point on fuwa is the bonus crit aura who also remove all negatives but if you can't crit enoth your opponent that's totally useless XD. Also silence or fuwa/felkin aura don't stop your opponent so the 2 best with petal drop is like I say the paralyze 1 or the 1 who reduc speed movements by 99% who also remove all buffs. ^^ w/o that the bonus buff on sbe is not that much util. psychea and kytos can't be kiled by celan easy. SBE don't scared kytos and psychea can pass Mirror with they summons ( stun sleep paralise silence also pass ) and spam hide skill. if they make shield stuff sbe and blow can't kill them ^^ and every1 gonna make 1 of them at regen  so better think 2 time before take back your celan XD do that only if you are a good 1 ^^


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