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  • Question: NSIS Python error (Download from Web Installer)
    • Press the Start button.
    • Type 'regedit' in the Search box, it will take you to the registry dditor. 
    • Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder -> "Software" folder -> "Microsoft" folder -> "Windows" folder -> "Currentversion" folder -> Run folder ->  Urlopen Error 10060 Operation Timed Out file. 
    • Delete the Urlopen Error 10060 Operation Timed Out file. 
    • Last resort is to download the game again via torrent in the Download Methods section.
  • Question: Why do the files show up as a virus?
  • This is caused by the Anti-Virus, because it doesn't recognise the .exe files the server is using. Anti-Viruses usually list any .exe that's cracked, patched, or been used with a Keygen as malware. This often happens with private servers. The launcher and monkeydynasty.exe have to be added to the exceptions list in the Anti-Virus programme. Or turn off your tamper protection and then the programme itself. 
  • Question: Running Windows 8 and having issues.
  • There's an easy way to make Monkey Dynasty work under Windows 8.
    • Right-click your launcher and go to Properties, pick "open file location".
    • Go to element folder, scroll down until you see monkeydynasty.exe.
    • Make a shortcut and drag it to your desktop.
    • Rename that shortcut to Non Launcher (Only run the launcher when you know you need to update).
    • Right-click on the icon of "non launcher" and go to Properties again.
    • Go to compatibility and run compatibility troubleshooter.
    • Try recommended settings.
    • Test the game.
    If this works for you and continues to work without crashing, right-click on it and check the box that says "always run in xp mode".
  • Question: Why is the launcher grey and won't download anything?
  • This is because of the Anti-Virus programme. Add the launcher to the exceptions list or turn the programme off. If that doesn't help, add the game to the Windows Firewall exceptions as well.
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