Staff-related Questions

  • Question: When I encounter problems, who do I contact?
  • You can always ask a player. Perhaps they encountered the same issue at one point and know the solution. If not, contact a GS FIRST. If needed they will provide you with contact information of a GM or even Admin, pending on the severity of the issue. If the issue persists, you can always send in a ticket with the problem - if needed, attach a screenshot. 
  • Question: Who are Staff members?
  • Staff members are as follows.


    • Tcholok
    • Perry!



    • Renya
    • EvilFlippy


    • Sassie
    • NJDragonXI
    • Dotty
    • Nanachy
  • Question: How do I contact Tcholok or Perryl?
  • Always contact a GS first. They have the same amount of information as a GM does, so it makes no difference. If you have any other issues with accounts or things only an Admin can solve, please send in a ticket through our new Support system on the following link. You will get an answer as soon as possible.

  • Question: How do I report a player?
  • If you find a player is using inappropriate language, including remarks that are offensive to any particular sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, age or gender, you can report them to a GM or an Admin. Preferably with a screenshot of the incident or a time stamp and date, so logs can be checked when an Admin is available. Punishment is at the discretion of the GM at hand.

    It is advised you do not go trigger happy reporting players via the in-game option 'Report Hacking' with absolutely no proof as it takes up valuable time to find out the reason behind the report. It's also in the rules to not  waste a GM's time. If you believe you have solid proof of someone using scripts or tools to modify their gameplay, send proof to Tcholok or Perryl via forum messages.

  • Question: How do I become a GS?
  • If you have the qualifications to become a GS, you can send in an application to which you access on GS Application. Keep in mind that just because you applied for a GS position does not mean you will get it. We have a strict set of guidelines with which we review the applications.
  • Question: How do I become a GM?
  • GMs are chosen from the GS staff and only after careful consideration and evaluation of the GS' determination and loyalty to the server and its community. 
  • Question: If staff members are suppose to help players out, why do I see them saying they never get help?
  • The answer is simple; it's because they're not robots who sit behind their computers all day, waiting for people to ask for help. Some have jobs, school or even a family to take care of and can't be expected to neglect all that for the sake of players who can easily find help within the gaming community itself.
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