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Which PvP events would you like to see return/ happen?
Friday Night Fights / Saturday Smackdown
38 (22%)
Bloody Sunday (+11/+12 and +13/+14)
43 (25%)
3 vs 3 Last Man Standing
24 (14%)
PVP Battleground
23 (13%)
PvP Boss Hunts
21 (12%)
Bounty Hunter
17 (10%)
Total Members Voted: 100
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Download via Web Installer

The Monkey Dynasty - Regen web installer manages downloading, error checking, and resuming, so you get the fastest and least painful installation possible.

Download Monkey Dynasty - Regen Installer

Download via Auto-Updater

The Monkey Dynasty - Regen auto updater examines the files you currently have and only patches what is necessary. It downloads via threaded HTTP downloads (like a download accelerator), so it is fast and foolproof. To patch an existing client, put this in the folder containing elements folder

Download Monkey Dynasty - Regen Auto-Updater

Torrent Download

Torrent is a popular p2p protocol for fast, efficient distribution of large files. Use your favorite torrent client, such as uTorrent, to download the client via torrent:

Download Monkey Dynasty - Regen Torrent

Download via traditional Web Download

A single 4.2GB WinRAR archive of the full client. We recommend using a download manager in case it fails partway through.

Download Monkey Dynasty - Regen
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