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Download Installer

The installer is the best way to get the game and will guide you through installation and create shortcuts for you. If you have trouble downloading relatively large files (2x 4gb), see the Problems section below.


Download both part 1 and part 2 and save the in the same directory. It doesn't matter where you save them as long as they are both in the same location. Next, launch the installation process by double clicking Monkey Dynasty - Regenesis.part1.exe. Follow the on screen instructions to install the game.



Note: Google cannot scan the client files because they are so large so you will need to click the Download Anyway button when the Google link opens.


Note: If you have download troubles, try using the Mega desktop sync client.


Downloading large files may be difficult if you have an unreliable internet connection with packet loss. You may see your download gets interrupted or fails partway through. If you are experiencing problems like this, use a download manager which will allow you to resume the download or try the torrent below.

Download Torrent

Download the torrent using your preferred torrent client, such as the opensource torrent client qBittorent.

Once you have downloaded the torrent, use patcher/patcher.exe to launch the patcher which will apply any additional updates and launch the game for you. You may want to create a shortcut to patcher/patcher.exe on your desktop.

Download Monkey Dynasty - Regen Torrent
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