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  • What's going on

    Posted 2 Months, 4 Weeks, 4 Hours, 56 Minutes Ago

    Hey Everyone,

    I know it's been a long long time since you've heard from me, and that's not fair. I've been busy, no doubt, but the server should not have fallen to the wayside like it has. I've decided that the Monkeys need a higher priority from me right now and I'm beginning work to resolve some of the outstanding bugs, help Perry with the things he needs me for, and get us back on track to restore what this server used to be for so many people. We still have great people behind us, a solid record of fair staffing, and a history that shows we can be the best when we put our minds to it.

    Before I step away for tonight, I wanted to leave you with a final update regarding the recent lag / connectivity issues. We've been getting steadily DDoS'd for the past few weeks. I'm not sure who's behind it, but presumably one of the competing servers. As I take a renewed interest in reviving this server, I will take additional steps to mitigate attacks. We are also considering moving the server to a more central location to better server our global player base.

    Good night everyone, and I look forward to reconnecting with a lot of you more over the coming weeks.

    - Tcholok

  • Patch update

    Posted 6 Months, 12 Hours, 47 Minutes Ago

    It has almost been 20 days! Time flies.

    My math was off when I have the initial time, but that's fine. Either way, it's not going to be done in the 20 days I had posted. Although it will be right away, I'll post more about it soon. I know I keep saying that, but the screenshots haven't been taken yet, and it's 10 PM. They certainly won't be tonight either.

    The delays are entirely attributed to the release of newer content that potentially changes the direction of the patch. I should be testing this tomorrow or Monday, and once the new content is tested I will update you further.

    Simply put, this could result in working Psychea and Kytos ascension. So I don't really care how I look, or what people think about my promises and deadlines. I am testing this. All of the work that has been done on the patch so far can be easily transferred to the newer content if it works - this is part of what we have been working on. A streamlined process to move content from release to release.

    Either way the patch will not include Hydran, unless some magical release happens in the next few days. Bottom line, the custom work that was the number 1 priority was shelved when we got our hands on this newer content. Our friend claims that this newer content includes both Psychea and Kytos ascension.

    As you know, I have to wait for Tcholok to be able to finish a lot of the work I am doing, and his time is extremely limited. Please bare with us as we figure it all out. If this new content is not what we have been told, then we will immediately go back to completing the patch. Either way, we need to test some more new content that got added, we are completely finished our path reversal, and debugging our own client.

    I'd like to point out, I was wrong when I said a year. It's actually only been 8 months since our last patch. We stopped patching out small patches because it was slowing me down too much on the bigger job, which at the time wasn't getting as much attention. Anyone who says it has been a year is rounding up by 33%, furthermore, in that time I have had much less time, as you all knew I would, due to the birth of my son. As he grows older I have more time free to be able to focus on my work, but over the past 8 months there have been many days where I haven't been able to do anything aside from daily maintenance and/or faction changes.

    Another thing, I was supposed to do some unbans this week. That was delayed as well, also due to this new release. I am still planning on doing a large amount of unbans in the very near future, possibly even before the patch is released, but it depends on the time I have available. For example, there are currently 20 pending changes, at least 10 of which I will do when I wake up tomorrow, and there are about 60 pending unban tickets, give or take. Plus the regular 3 - 5 per day of various issues that need to be addressed. Managing staff, databases, servers, etc. This all takes time and effort away from the patch. My time is extremely limited, even if I spend no time at all on personal things like enjoying a video game or watching TV. So, unfortunately unbans got totally shelved for this week. I will try and get to them next week, but it entirely depends on the development work that needs to be done.

    If you have any questions please post them in this thread, I'll try and monitor it and get back to you as I can.

  • 3 year anniversary!

    Posted 6 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days, 2 Hours, 14 Minutes Ago

    Today we have officially been live for 3 years! Thank you everyone for your continued support.

    If you get the any of the JD anniversary quests do not take them!!! They will be modified in the patch.

    We're giving everyone a present to celebrate being online for 3 years! 300 Bananas to spend in the Banana Shop on anything you want. In a little while daily deals will start, so keep an eye out for that. Also, any purchase made today will receive jaden as well as 2x bananas.

    The patch is nearly completed. There are hundreds of new items, including new fashions, pets, mounts, wings and skyblades. There are many changes being made, Lumen gear is being added, many fixes to our current custom content, and much more. Most importantly the client is cleaned up. Screenshots of some of the new content will be coming soon.

    You know, this patch we've been working on is basically everything we've ever worked on. Some say this patch has been in the making for a year, that's only how long you've known about it. This patch has been in progress since I started developing. It's everything we've ever added, and all that we've held back... well, a lot of what we've held back. It includes fixes for the ugly work from when I first started, the ugly work we've found, new content from various sources, and also gives me an entire logging system to simplify further patches. It's also super clean. I suspect other servers will immediately pull it for their own use.

    There have been many frustrating days, arguments, we've lost staff over this, friends even. We've lost players, we've lost respect, trust, we've lost a lot, but it's all going to be worth it. I didn't do this for nothing. This was done with one goal in mind, making a better client for the future, for everyone. I did this to have as many working custom items in the client as possible, and to have all the stuff that doesn't work removed. For us to have a clean client that is easy to read, and to move content in the future for. This was all done with plans for the future. With plans for a 15 class client, even a 16 class. We're preparing for the long term. Those who have given away their accounts, got banned because they were sick of waiting, thrown away their work. Those people will regret it when we are back to 600 - 700 online. 

    We're not going anywhere. Thanks for playing Monkey Dynasty.

    Tcholok will probably post later with the stats like last year. lol

  • Year of the Monkey

    Posted 6 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 10 Hours, 40 Minutes Ago

    Happy New Year!

    This year is the year of the Monkey!! To start off celebrations we have activated double donations and double voting.

    Later on this month we will be celebrating 3 years online!  There will be many, many events this month, and we'll finally be adding that patch we keep talking about! This patch has been in development for an entire year now, with many delays that have been very frustrating for the entire community. We do apologize for the delays, and we hope that our patch notes will show you how much work has gone into this patch.

    Finally, I am 100% sure that the patch will be done this month, before, we had said it would definitely be on a Saturday or a Tuesday, this is not the case anymore. It will be added immediately after it is completed regardless of the day of the week. I can not give an exact date yet, but I can say it will be no more than 20 days, and likely less than 10 days.

  • Holiday present

    Posted 7 Months, 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 16 Hours, 34 Minutes Ago

    Sorry guys, I was really sick for almost 2 weeks and barely made it to the PC at all. I meant to give 100 bananas to everyone on Christmas day, but I was too sick to do much of anything. Anyways, I'm feeling much better today. Thanks for all the well wishes.

    I just sent out 200 bananas to everyone on the server as a present for the holidays. Sorry that we were late sending out your present, but they are being added now. Please be patient, it will take a few hours for the system to update all of your balances, there are a lot of accounts. We'll be sharing some stats on our upcoming 3 year anniversary celebration.

    Thank you all for your patience. Even those that express none.

  • Happy Holidays!

    Posted 8 Months, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 18 Hours, 25 Minutes Ago

    Double donations are on until Jan 2nd.

    Double voting is on as well!

    Have a happy holidays, and a happy new year.

    You'll hear from me again in the very near future about the upcoming patch.  Any changes ordered will be completed quickly, the goal is within 24 hours, but it depends on how many changes are ordered.

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